Spa - Hampi

  • Wellness

    A serene sanctum stemming from the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, our spa at Heritage Resort, Hampi serves as a one-stop escape from the accumulated stress and consequent illnesses that make relaxing on vacation vital!

    Indulge in numerous therapies that focus on aligning your mind-body-soul and restoring inner balance. You also get to reap the benefits of unwinding in the truest sense; a sensory repose that promises wellness and healing.

    There are various therapies at our spa that tackle specific issues as per your individual body constitution. On the whole, our treatments oblige you with a peaceful experience of euphoric, inner harmony. Feel every nerve soothe to the skillful hands of our masseurs who carry forward the Ayurvedic mastery with every touch. Eitherway, we certainly won’t let you leave the spa without feeling revitalized.

  • Rejuvenation

    Inspired by the Ayurvedic outlook, our rejuvenation program is designed with the idea of fostering healthy conditions for the body, mind and spirit to thrive in. The spa at Heritage Resort, Hampi is a holistic retreat for those who want to improve their vitality or simply recharge themselves. You can expect to reinstate your composure with an array of treatments that are much-needed for renewing your overall state of being.

    All of our treatments are crafted with the consideration that you need a break from the stressful city life and rejuvenation is key to bringing about the feel-good factor. Experience relaxation with the trained touch of our experienced masseurs who bring a lot more to the table than years of rejuvenation and massage acumen. Rest assured you’ll be brimming with positivity after an indulgent session at the spa.