A Journey Through the Incredible Ruins of Hampi

Karnataka Biker Guide: Places to Visit & Tourist Attractions

Exhilaration and adventure are what every rider is looking for on a bike trip! Karnataka is a biker’s paradise with the blend of smooth highways, off-roading experiences, shimmering waterfalls, forts and breath-taking lakes. Whether it’s an adventure ride on a Ducati or a smooth riding experience with your Harley Davidson group, Karnataka has something for everyone. Summer offers pleasant rides, monsoon soaks you withlush landscapes and winter lets you explore the best of the state. A year-around perfect weather makes Karnataka a charming place for bikers! A motorbike trip to Hampi is the perfect escape from mundane life to unwind, take a break and recharge yourself amidst the best wonders of Karnataka. Ride on and embark on a journey to discover the best of Karnataka’s gems on a bike trip to Hampi.

The biking trail, if you start from Bangalore, will take you to the majestic ruins & temples of Hampi, Badami and Pattadakal, the Chitradurga Fort, wine estates and more. Explore what remains of the Vijayanagara Empire as you discover the Ramayana trail at Kishkindha. A village experience at Anegundi and a coracle ride on the Tungabhadra River await you. The landscapes of Hampi are unlike any place you will come across in the country – boulders of all sizes, some mammoth-like little hillocks, and some minuscule like skipping stones. And all of them precariously balancing on top of each other!

As you ride to the greatest ever kingdom of Southern India, the Vijayanagara Empire, the landscape of boulders stretches on for miles on either side of the road. There are many scientific explanations of how the strewn landscape of Hampi came to be. Locals, however, talk of another origin for these boulders, which is more mythical. According to Ramayana, Hampi was a fabled monkey kingdom where the princely brothers Sugreeva and Bali were engaged in a bitter power struggle, which ultimately led to a fierce battle between the two, during which they threw massive boulders at each other that piled up into these unique formations. Matanga Hill, the tallest hill in Hampi, is where Sugreeva is believed to have taken refuge following his defeat. These legends surely add to the fun of exploring such historic and charming places.

After the ruins of Hampi leave you bewitched, gear up and take your motorbikes to explore much more than just Hampi – because this amazing place has more than you know! And the best way is to ride through these enticing places. Here’s a day-wise itinerary explaining how to go about your biking trip from Bangalore:

Day 1
Take the NH48 from Bangalore towards Mumbai and ride for about 4 hours. Your first stop can be the Chitradurga Fort, which is on the way to Hampi. It is a massive fort that stretches over several hills overlooking a flat valley. The stunning views and tranquil environment will surely leave you in awe. The fort has many passages, warehouses, temples and mosques, built by various rulers, but the most intriguing part is the interconnecting water tanks, which are possibly the earliest rainwater harvesting tanks ever made.

Moving ahead, another 2 hours of riding on NH50 will get you to Hospet, from where your journey to Hampi is merely 12-13 km. Book your 4-night stay at Heritage Resort Hampi, a resort in Hampi located between Hospet & Hampi, only a 10-minute ride from the ruins of Hampi. The resort offers different categories of villas equipped with Jacuzzi or a private pool, ideal for those riding in groups or with their partner. A 4 nights’ stay is ideal to cover almost everything in and around Hampi. Freshen up after checking-in and enjoy a delicious lunch at the in-house restaurant, before heading out to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can start by visiting nearby places like Virupaksha Temple, Hampi Bazar, and Hemakuta Hill. After soaking in the beauty of a breath-taking sunset from the hill top, you can retire for the day!

Day 2
Get your bikes ready for today’s adventure! Discover places like Achyutaraya Temple, Vijaya Vitthala Temple, and Tungabhadra Dam, an architectural wonder that is one of the oldest dams built in India. Ride up to  Lakkundi, a quaint town in the Gadag district of Karnataka. It is a treasure trove of architectural wonders and heritage. Every sculpture, pillar and temple have a tale to tell! With over 50 temples, 101 step wells and 29 inscriptions preserved, this serene village is an experience!

It would be a perfect opportunity to visit the Heritage Village of Anegundi. Set on the northern banks of Tungabhadra River, the Anegundi Village is the best place to get a glimpse of Hampi’s heritage. Known from the time as old as the epic of Ramayana, the place is bound to take you in the past with its legends and intriguing tales! Surrounded by rocky hills, lush greenery, and the Tungabhadra River, this village harbours ancient temples and remarkable stone sculptures.

Day 3
Longing to go on a longer ride? You can also choose to explore Badami - Pattadakal - Aihole. The magnificent architectural trio is approximately 4 hours from Hampi and encompasses rock cut temples and ancient & medieval era Buddhist, Hindu and Jain monuments. A day full of awe and wonder will be worth the long haul from Hampi. Head back to the resort and retire for the day!

Day 4
The journey through the historical city is not over yet! Hampi is one of the few places that takes you beyond ruins and history. Take a day off from monuments and ride up to a winery to soak in the boozy landscape of Karnataka. KRSMA Winery, settled near the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi, with verdant vineyards is the perfect place to relax and unwind while you learn the process of wine-making.

Day 5
The journey doesn’t have to end at Hampi!
Hampi is central to some amazing destinations that you can visit before returning home. A 9-hour ride westward will take you to the beaches of Goa, while a 7-hour ride eastward from Hampi will take you to Gandikota, also known as India’s Grand Canyon. The caves, camping, and riding adventures, Gandikota has all for which a rider can ask!